Captain Robert Szychowski
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…And sometimes flyfishing with Bob is only an excuse to feel the life of the marshes. Throwing the shrimps’ net, searching for shark’s teeth in the mud, or drifting gently away catching the last rays of the  sinking sun ” (G.Quevedo, Spain)

“My first trip out with Robert on his new Panga Skiff was in May 2006. As a diver and avid fan of the ocean, it was the most memorable boat ride I’ve ever had. Not only did he take me tubing down the Savannah River, I was greeted with dolphins along the way. I have never seen dolphins in open water and saw what must have been over 200 hundred of them. Some were following the shrimping boats and some swam up only 3 feet away from the boat. He then brought me to a beautiful beach for some lunch. By the way, you can only stay at the beach during low tide as it’s practically gone otherwise. Only someone who knows the area could’ve shown me that. To top it off, my trip ended with a manta ray with a wing span wider than the boat doing a back flip out of the ocean. Whether it’s fly fishing, cruising in the marshes to spot alligators or exploring deserted beaches that you like, Robert can show you the best places. I returned to Savannah in March 2009 with my mother and took another trip with Robert and it was just as memorable. While we didn’t see the hundreds of dolphins this time, there were quite a few swimming by. He’s very professional, friendly and will cater to your needs. Thank you Robert.” (Erin and Pearl, New York City)

"Mi viaje en barca con Bob fue un acontecimiento encantador. La belleza de los paisajes, imposible encontrarlos desde la orilla,  junto con el movimiento del agua y el sol reluciente produce un estado maravilloso difícil de describir. Bob ha sido un magnífico anfitrión, cuidadoso con nuestro bienestar y consciente de nuestras necesidades. Ha sido todo un regalo dentro del bello viaje a esa increible ciudad de Savannah. Destaca sobretodo la salida que hicimos a ver las estrellas fugaces, donde nos visitaron en la oscuridad los delfines que quisieron acompañarnos todo el viaje. La naturaleza en esa zona es excepcional y recomiendo de forma especial un viaje en barca acompañados por nuestro amable navegante.”  (Isabel Fernández – Madrid, Spain)

Well, we have returned to Nashville and we are suffering from PWWS, or "Post Wassaw Withdrawal Syndrome". It's a common condition for those that are lucky enough to have been taken there by you - you can't imagine the suffering. It didn't help that the very next day Gil gave us a tour of ancient rice fields with large pink birds in them, and fed us incredible food, including a stop at the appropriately named "Pink Pig." It's a bit-of-a wonderland down there.
Can't thank you enough for your gracious efforts on our behalf including introducing us to your friend, the alligator. (Patrick Abbot - Nashville, TN)

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